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Stated Loans are Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We offer Stated Loans from $250,000 to $2 million nationwide on multifamily, mixed-use, -office, retail, warehouse, self-storage and Residential Investment Properties ranging from SFR to Fourplex units. Financing for almost every purpose: purchase, refinance and cash out refinance.

  • Residential Investment Loans
  • $250,000.00 TO $1 MILLION
  • Loans Term /Amortization 30 Year Loan Fully
  • Amortization
  • Commercial Loans
  • $250,000 TO $5 MILLION
  • Max LTV-70%LTV
  • Subordinated financing - Yes 20% Down
  • 10% Seller's Note
  • DSCR- 1.20
  • DSCR- For Multi -Family - 1.25
  • Credit Score - 650 qualifies 65%LTV
  • over 650 qualifies 70-75% LTV

  • Fixed Periods - 3 & 5 Years
  • Rate Structure - 2% Annual- 6% Life Cap
  • Eligible Borrowers -C-Corps,LLC,LP/LLP,
  • S-Corp
  • Tax and insurance Escrows -Monthly Deposits Required
  • Permanent Financing -No Balloons
  • Transaction Type -Purchase,cashout,Refinance
  • Rehabs or Construction Loans
  • Eligible Properties- Retail,Office,Self Storage,
  • Warehouse,SFR,Duplex,Triplex,Four plex


Our strategic relationship with Capital Partners as a Funder gives Our Funding Partner the ability to originate commercial and residential loans nationwide, and provides Our Funding Partner with a substantial capital base. Our loan programs and approach to the market are non-traditional and non-conventional, giving Our Funding Partner the flexibility to underwrite deals with creative loan criteria and structure.

Having this solid financial foundation allows us to grow and innovate. By acting as a correspondent lender, we offer our partners the flexibility and dependability they need to remain competitive in the current lending environment.

$5 billion


Our Funding Partner Approved™ Platform is our proprietary system, developed to create an online Pre-underwritting portal that provides speed, transparency, mobility and simplicity for lending processes, all integrated into an operating system that surpasses any system available in the market today.



Step 1


your transaction with full credit and cash flow analysis.

Step 2


Received instant approvals in less than 5 minutes

Step 3

 Document Management

Process and Close your Loan using our Streamlined system.

As a real estate professional, you’ll find that Our Funding Partner Approved™ platform delivers significant benefits, providing a wide selection of financial options for your clients as well as creating professional executive summaries and presentations for your borrowers. Using Our Funding Partner technology, you will be able to prequalify, underwrite, analyze the investment, and process all files—quickly, easily and accurately.

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