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Bridge Loans from $100k - No max

  • Fast turn-around and commitment
  • Quick close
  • Lend for note purchases and discounted pay offs
  • No commitment or pre-payment fees

"If you want a refreshing approach to lending (and a record close for your client), RHJ is the real deal."

Our lender reputation is built upon a foundation of values, integrity and growing relationships with investors, equity partners and vendors.

Given the current market dislocation and uncertainty, you need a partner who can seize opportunity. Our lender focuses on the acquisition and origination of real estate debt in order to capitalize on the disconnect between risk-adjusted debt and equity yields. With a focus on the inefficiencies of the small-balance, short-term debt market, RHJ yields a higher risk-adjusted returns to investors. 

Bridge Lending:

RHJ offers quick and efficient asset backed loans to quality borrowers with short-term liquidity needs. Specializing in the subprime loan markets to provide capital to the area most impacted by the current financial and real estate distress; the firm is able to provide creative, innovative and reliable access to capital. RHJ track record of success in providing institutional quality and underwriting, integrity and certainty of execution is unparalleled in the middle market bridge lending space.

Note Acquisition:

RHJ capitalizes on its proprietary relationships with banks, special services and real estate funds to purchase performing and non-performing senior real estate debt. RHJ Principals have decades of experience in underwriting and working non-performing debt to a positive resolution to the benefit of the investors. Our ability to adapt in an uncertain and volatile market helps us build long-term relationships and exceed expectations.

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