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Tell Us About Your Business Pre-qualify in as little as 5 minutes. Simply provide basic information online and we’ll automatically tell you if you’ve prequalified for a working capital loans funded between $30,000 - $350,000 

an on real estate loans funded between $500,000 - $5,000,000

SmartBiz makes it fast and easy to get an SBA loan with rates starting as low as Prime + 2.75%*.

we'd like to officially welcome you to the largest online SBA lending platform, SmartBiz Loans! As a SmartBiz partner, you'll have access to our SBA 7(a) loan products offering:

Working Capital

Debt Refinance

Commercial Real Estate purchase and refinance

With low-interest rates (WSJ Prime + 2.75%), our award-winning service, and industry-leading technology, SmartBiz Loans is the best platform to help fund our small business clients.

REQUIREMENTS CRITERIA REQUIREMENTS CHECK CHECK Credit for all individuals owning 20% or more of business Good Personal Credit + Minimum Personal Credit of FICO 650 Business Credit Score (Liquid Credit) + 150 or greater Public Records search for business owners + No bankruptcy in past 3 years + No foreclosure in past 3 years + No open tax liens CHECK *We calculate global cash flow for guarantors. Recommend gross annual income of $250,000. Cash Flow Cash Flow analysis is calculated using these documents* General Eligibility + 2 years in business (with corresponding tax returns) + For-profit business + Proceeds: Working Capital, Debt Refinance, Equipment Purchases + Individuals owning 20% or more of business must be US Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents + Individuals owning 20% or more of business cannot work for SBA or have criminal background + Individuals owning 20% or more of business must not have defaulted on any government-backed loans (including FHA and some student loans) + 2 years of business and personal tax returns + YTD Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet + Business Debt Schedule.

CashFlow documents Background information to ask your client + 2 years of Business and Personal Tax Returns + Business Debt Schedule + Interim Financials: Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet What's your timeline to funding? + SmartBiz Loans usually take 4 weeks but could take longer depending on the circumstances. This is much faster than traditional SBA loans but not as fast as you might be used to. Have you filed business and personal taxes in the last 2-3 years? + SmartBiz will use these figures to run their cash flow analysis; in addition, we'll need an updated Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet dated within 90 days. What are you planning to do with loan proceeds? + A borrower who has specific ideas for their proceeds is usually more dedicated to the underwriting process, and these can also be vetted against SBA/lender eligibility requirements. Do you rent or own your business location? + Packaging requirement changes accordingly. + Declining revenue trends in borrowing business or affiliates + Un-filed tax returns + Criminal records + Businesses or Guarantors that are mid-litigation + Undisclosed debt / UCC liens I

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