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RHJ Group SFR Non Owner Investor Programs :Bridge Loans,Rental,
 Rehab Loans up to 90% ltc for purchases or refinances when the initial  acquisition was made within 180 days close date to close date. 
 If you are a LLC or Corp you can place loans in your entity name with 
 no credit check and no max cap of how many loans you can finance. 

 We are looking for “large projects” that are “Ready to Go” and require up to 100% Finance for 30 to 50% Equity on JV basis.
List of PRIORITY Projects urgently required – normally over $20 Million in size up to $10 Billion if necessary!
-Waste Management Projects 
-Waste to Energy Projects  (Biogas, Biofuel etc)
-All form of Energy projects  
-All forms of Housing Developments minimum 300 houses per project
-Resorts with Marinas and/or Casinos and Villas excellent locations with    beach access  
-All forms of Condominiums and Hotel developments in prime locations in  major cities
-Mixed used developments, Department stores-Condominiums-Hotels etc.
-All forms of Agriculture Projects (Food-Water-Processing etc)
-All forms of Aqua Culture Projects

LTV 60%-80% subject to property type
LTC 65%-80% subject to project type
Interest Rates vary between 4.5%-7.5%
DSCR between 1.25-1.50:1
Amortization of 20-30 years
Loan terms of 2-10 years
1% Loan fee on most transactions
Minimum loan amount approx. $2MM
Maximum loan amount is unlimited and subject to
Property Types: Apartments, Office, Retail, Hotel,
Industrial,Medical and more.
 RHJ is aggressively looking for new commercial real estate lending opportuni­ties. We have capital and we need to get it invested. Commercial real estate only. Loan amounts of $125,000.00  and up. Will consider construction loans. Willing to work with all brokers that have a signed fee agreement with their borrower. Looking for borrowers with realistic loan expectations and strong projects.

 Blanket Loan Program 
 Our Portfolio Lender, provides competitive, fixed rate, financing for bulk single  family homes and apartment buildings that are for rent. Nationwide Footprint.
 We are offering permanent financing for investors with at least 5 leases in most  areas of the country with our innovative new programs geared toward the  entrepreneur.
 Now announcing 30 year fixed rates for our Blanket Loan product!
 NEW - 30/30 Program - NEW:
• 30 Year Fixed Rate – 30 year amortization 
• No Pre-Payment penalties EVER
• Ability to sell any property at any time
• 75% of as is value
• Unlimited Cash Out 
• $300,000 - $5,000,000 Loan Size
• 6.5 – 7.0% fixed rates
• All Credit considered
• Brokers/Referring sources always protected
   5/30 – 10/30 Blanket Loan Highlights:
• Loan Sizes $300K to $30 Million+
• Non US citizenship Ok
• 75% LTV - LTC max
• Unlimited cash out
• Blanket Loan Lender
• 5 – 10 year fixed rates
• 30 year amortization
• 5.25 - 6.50% fixed rates
• 640 min FICO
• Brokers/Referring sources always protected
   Property Types Available:
• Multi-Family (5+ Units)
• Single Family Housing – 5 Property Minimum
• Group of SFR’s, Condos, Townhomes, Apartments
• Mixed-Use

 Help is here; if you are an investor, broker, or lender looking to secure  conventional loans for many homes wrapped under one mortgage, contact us  today for .
1. I need Completed from Client Only!
2.Brief Executive Summary of Proposed Project
3.Commercial Loan Application with individual, Corporation or Group name.
4.Title of Signor with address, phone number
5.Stated income, asset liabilities, schedule of assets
6.Company / Borrower Financials last 2 years
7.Bank Statements most recent  6 months
8.Seller carry-back information (if applicable)
9.Appraisal if any 
10.Other collateral or cross-collateral – with legal description/address
11.Valid copy of Photo Id / Passport
12.Proof Of  funds 0.5-10% CASH for Lenders Due Diligence Fees or Down Payment money if any is requested per Lender/Per Project all have different requirements. 
13. "SIGNED" purchase Contract. (if a purchase

   New Recent Loan Program Updates for "2016"

Bridge Loans
  • All loans now have a 12 month term
  • Experience tiers for pricing purposes have been simplified from five tiers to four
  • Extensive rehabs ($150K+) are available to Tiers 1 and 2 only
  • As-Is-LTV is limited to 75% for Tier 3, 70% for Tier 4
  • All non-sufficient funds restrictions have been removed
  • 3 months of interest reserves are required for Tier 2, and 6 months for Tier 3 and 4
Rental Loans
  • Minimum loan amount increased to $125k
  • For refis where the acquisition took place in the last 6 to 36 months, loan amount is capped at 100% of acquisition cost + documented improvements
  • Unleased properties incur a 10% reduction in max LTV

  • Corporate Entity loans requires no credit check to purchase or refinance

  • This program is an SBA 7(a) commercial real estate loans for the purchase or refinance of owner occupied commercial real estate.  The operating business must occupy 51% or more of the square footage of the property.

    Product parameters:
    • $350k - $2MM loan size
    • 25 year fully amortizing loan
    • Pre-payment penalty is 5% in the first year, 3% in the second year, 1% in the third year, and zero after that
    • 85% to 90% LTV (90% will require additional real estate collateral for the 5% shortfall)
    • Prime-based pricing (Prime + 1.75% -- Prime + 2.75%, depending on the strength of the deal)
    • All property types
    • 3 years cash-flow history
    • The DSC requirements are somewhat fluid depending on mitigating factors, but we're looking for a 1.25:1 business DSC
    • 675 and up FICO
    • All SBA allowable business types

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